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  (Please fill in one form per family unless your children do not live in the same household)

This is the Mary Queen of the Family, Blacktown, Parish Survey. In order to understand the reason behind the Survey – please take the time to understand our Parish’s Mission, Objectives.


MQOF Parish Mission
Mary Queen of the Family (MQOF) Parish 
•    strives to live as a faithful and committed Catholic community, continuing to 
•    deepen our understanding of the Sacred Tradition and the Sacred Scripture of the Catholic Church;
•    growing as missionary disciples of Jesus Christ; while 
•    evangelizing and responding to the needs of the family in the Blacktown community and beyond.


MQOF Objectives….. to meet our Mission
   Worship – Practice the right forms of Worship
W    Word – Increase the Biblical literacy in the Parish
W    Wall – Protecting our community  by forming consciences through Catechesis


Purpose of the Survey
To get to know & understand our Parishioners who come to our daily & Sunday masses better  – so that we can better serve you, run more targeted activities that bring us together & help us achieve our Parish mission.



2. Which masses do you attend on a weekday?
3. Which masses do you attend on a weekend?
4. Do you feel like you are part of the MQOF community?
5. Do some members of your family not attend mass on Sundays?
6. Did you identify as a Catholic in the last ABS survey?
7. Are you interested in learning more about the Catholic faith?
8. Would you like to be contacted for Parish run events including Faith formation events?
9. Are you aware of the FORMED APP that is available to Parishioners for free?
11. Would you like to join a ministry in the Parish? (Please tick if you want to join or already a member of this ministry). Check out our Website for more information about the ministries below:
12. Please rate the importance of the following key focus areas

Place numbers 1 to 6 in the order of priority for how important it is to you.

(1=highest importance, 6 = lowest importance)

The Catholic Diocese of Parramatta (the Diocese and Mary, Queen of the Family Parish) is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of any information which is collected, stored and used. This policy provides guidance on legal obligations and ethical expectations in relation to privacy and confidentiality. It will reference the Commonwealth Privacy Act of 1988 (Private Act, the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act2000, the Australian Privacy Principles and the NSW Privacy and Personal Protection Act 1998. This document outlines how the Diocese and Parish collects, uses, stores, disseminates and disposes of personal information.

Thank You For Your Participation In our Parish Survey

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